RIALFrI - Repertorio Informatizzato Antica Letteratura Franco-Italiana# ISSN 2282-6920

Repertorio Informatizzato Antica Letteratura Franco-Italiana

Repertorio Informatizzato Antica Letteratura Franco-Italiana


Francigena. Rivista sul franco-italiano e sulle scritture francesi nel Medioevo d’Italia.

Francigena is an annual online journal that welcomes scholarly contributions concerning the entire spectrum of phenomena that can be classified under the category of Franco-Italian.

Its field of interest thus ranges from epics composed in a mixed idiom to works of various natures and status written in the langue d’oïl  by Italian authors to the numerous cases of transcription and circulation of Occitan texts in the courts and scriptoria of the Italian peninsula.

“Quaderni di Francigena

The ‘Quaderni di Francigena’ are a series of volumes (critical editions of texts, publication of proceedings, in-depth monographs) dedicated to the broader Franco-Italian galaxy.

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